DAV Sen. Sec. School

India is a secular state and we, the Indians are engrossed in so many traditions, rituals and customs. So we keep in mind our cultural heritage and celebrate important festivals in our school like, Holi, Diwali, Lohri, Basant etc. With such kind of activities, a child become aware of every aspect of life and is mentally alert, physically strong, emotionally stable, ethically sound, morally upright, socially efficient and culturally refined. By inculcating such values in our student, we fulfill our school motto. »Focussed Skills Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing are the main skills that are focused upon. However much emphasis is laid on listening through audio-visual methods, storytelling and morning talks, which revolve around rhymes, national anthem and patriotic songs.
»Value Based Education Value Based Education is imparted is through varied panorama of activities like story telling and thought provoking activities which help drive home moral messages. It aims at developing a sense of sharing, caring, friendship and co-operation amongst the children. Emphasis is on inculcation of good manners and maintaining personal hygiene and general cleanliness.
»Counseling The children in the school are administered to a battery of tests based on a series of statements so that they are able to cope with the demands and pressures of development and personal adjustment to stress and influences. The counseling help the student to acquire the knowledge, skill an attitude required needed to face the challenges of the world.»Mission To instill and develop self confidence in every student and sense of responsibility and leadership in every walk of life. To perform a role of nation builder by sharpening the perception that contributes to national cohesion, temperament an independence of mind and spirit. To impart and pass on cultural and heritage values to every student and pave the way for a learning environment seeking to produce an enlightened and sensitized citizen and a complete human being.